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Summary, Refocusing, and (Two) New Directions

I’M STILL ALIVE! So…according to my blog, it’s been almost 3 months since I last published anything here. I’m sorry to have left anyone hanging like that, but as it happens, life happened. The result was an unexpected blogging hiatus which was filled with 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and getting ready for PUBLIC school! Here then, is where I will attempt to give you the condensed, 3 month summary of all that has transpired in my household.

Last May, my husband had his birthday. My oldest made her very first birthday cake for her father. It was really cute and really good!

Then, the girls had a Tae Kwon Do tournament at the beginning of June. The eldest won Double Gold, and the second won Gold & Silver. As for me, for half of it, I did this:

It was by the beach, but it was still hot and noisy. He was so very tired.

Anyway, the week after that crazy tournament was my daughter’s 7th birthday! SEVEN. She’s growing up so fast (and losing baby teeth left and right)!

We had a small family cake eating day, and then on a different day, we went to LEGOLAND. We opted for a theme park visit instead of a party. It was so nice not having to clean up afterwards!

Incidentally, my daughter’s birthday also falls on the same day of my grandparents’ wedding anniversary! It was their BIG 60! Can you imagine 60 years of togetherness? How awesome, right?

THEN, just a few weeks ago, my son turned FIVE! Everyone is just growing up around here. I’m not even “allowed” to call him little boy anymore. He says, “Mom, I’m not little. I’m five now!”

Did I mention that through all of these celebrations, we were also finishing up HOMESCHOOL? Yep. Mostly, 6th grade and 1st grade. Thankfully, we’ve finished 1st grade first, so then we got to concentrate on 7th grade more. Those math problems and grammar rules take forever!

Oh, and the kid also had summer classes. Sports and all that madness. Chauffer here and there. You get the idea.

Finally, right at the beginning of August, until this week, I had been taking care of registration for my girls to attend our local public schools. Why the switch from homeschool? Frankly, I need a break this year. A personal, medical problem has arisen to me, so I need to cut back on my stress level.

The school district where we live and are assigned to go is not the best, or what I would have liked, but it’s very late for me to request a transfer. So…we’ll see how it goes. Good thing for me, pulling them out and homeschooling won’t be that much of a problem. I already know I can do it.

LAST but not least, my husband and I just celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary! Some people might think that’s a bad number, but it’s actually my favorite! I’m out to prove to the world that 13 is not bad. (Actually, it was my jersey number on every sport I played in middle and high school.)

So there you have it. You’re up to speed.

AND here’s something I would like you to do: Follow me on my new blog – My new blog is a challenge to myself to find something beautiful inside every (crazy) day. It’ll include motherhood, among other things, that are going to be mostly secular in nature.

Please add me in my new social spaces too: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Needless to say, you follow me, I’ll follow you!

I’ve decided that this space, GatheringGraces, will be a space for me to reflect on things that have to do with my faith, mostly. If you’re the spiritual kind, do stay. BUT please also follow me on Definitely Beautiful too.

I’m excited for this new beginning, as it were, for both of my blogs. I hope to see you in at least one of them!