Wednesday, December 17

Photography :: Unauthorized Hair Cut 0 comments

We couldn't salvage it.
So we shaved it all off.
Oh well.
They grow back anyway, right?


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Gathering Graces

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Tuesday, December 16

Family :: This House Needs A Mouse 0 comments

We are a family of readers.  We are NOT a family of mice lovers.  We have no pets.  We certainly don't have any mice.

BUT...maybe we ought to have one, because we DO have a lot of crumbs.  Maybe this house needs a mouse, after all...

You see, we've recently acquired an interesting book titled, This House Needs A Mouse.  It's not your ordinary, one-dimensional tale of a mouse.  It gives a whole new meaning to the term "of mice and men" and the house they tend to share.

This book was a fun read for all three of my kids, ages 3, 5, and 10.  Each one of them found something to like in the book.

10 yr. old: "I would recommend the book to my friends because I think it's got a great plot. Also, the illustration is really interesting - the way the artist drew it, it's like really good sketching, and there's always something funny going on. The words are good for learning too - they repeat things and teaches even new words. It's a very interesting story about a daring mouse who doesn't give up on his passion!"

5 yr. old: "The story's funny. I like how he cleans up all the crumbs! And look, he just keeps going!"

3 yr. old: "I like the mouse and the pictures." (And then he goes through the pages, pointing to all the pictures he likes.)

These days, it's hard to find a book that engages readers of all ages.  So I consider this particular book a gem among the sea of mediocre books available today.

DO find out more about "This House Needs A Mouse"!  It's available now on the book's website, Amazon (hardcover), Amazon (Kindle Edition)Barnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books."

Engaging, filled with dynamic illustrations, alliteration, vocabulary that lends itself to a variety of learning activities, and an interesting plot to round it out - I can definitely say that this is a great book to put under the Christmas tree this year!

I received a copy of the book to review, but all opinions are 100% my own (or the kids')!
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Monday, December 15

Musings :: A 90's Christmas 0 comments

For me, the 90's were filled with music.  I was a teenager, after all, and music was a must for pretty much every part of my life.

There were motivational sports music, pining for my crush music, party music, and long bus rides music - to name a few.

But a favorite of mine was (and always has been) Christmas music.

Remember these guys?

BOYS II MEN!!!  They were one of my favorite artists back then!  I love how their voices harmonized.  And they sang a capella too - which proved even more that they had talent.

So today, I share with you 3 of their Christmas songs - my favorites:  Silent Night, Let It Snow, and Share the Love.

Friday, December 12

Freebies :: Genuine Leather iPad (Smart) Case Giveaway! 0 comments

I'm not an iOS/Apple person.  But I know that half of you out there are.

And if I'm guessing right, there's an iPad in your Christmas list somewhere, right?

Either for you or for someone else, you need an iPad case!  How about a slim, genuine leather case?!


"This black leather case for the new iPad is made from high quality, premium leather. It features smart cover technology, which means when you close the lid, your iPad 4 will go to sleep and will wake up when you open it. It has a tri-folding front cover, which enables it to be used as a stand for typing or for video. GGMM iPad Cases are probably one of the fastest growing premium brands worldwide. This is the perfect iPad 4 case for discerning users. If you want quality, genuine leather, with beautiful slim design, then this case is for you."


 I'm pretty sure I get nothing out of this giveaway, but just in case....disclaimer:
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