Thursday, September 18

Pregnancy and Travel 6 comments

I am now 30 weeks and 2 days along in this 4th pregnancy.  Yay, right?  Of course.  Yay.

But being this heavy, sometimes swollen, sometimes dizzy, and always hungry - I can't really go anywhere.

And for a person who likes the outdoors and has itchy feet (that's an Asian thing that symbolizes you want to go places - not a foot disease), being stuck at home is depressing.

Driving out 5 or more times a day to take kids to school and extra-curricular activities, going to the store, and going to my mom's do NOT count as travelling.

So really, the only travelling I've been doing is on Pinterest.  ON THE SCREEN AND IN MY HEAD, I go to places like these: OUTDOORS

But you know, I have to be realistic.  I really just want to travel upstairs and hop into one of these: A SHOWER

Ultimately though, there's really only one place I want to travel to - any time I want, for as long as I want: THE BED

Seriously.  Sleep.  I just want to travel to dreamland and SLEEP!

Where have you been wanting to go recently?

{ I'm joining MamaKat's Writer's Workshop today! }

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Tuesday, September 16

What Is He? :: #TimeTravelTuesday 0 comments

You've heard the joke before...

My house is a zoo!

They're not kids, they're animals!

And you know what?

Sometimes, I DO wonder...

What IS he???

Please join me for Time Travel Tuesday (& Almost Wordless Wednesday) link-up!  It’s sort of like Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, except it’s on Tuesdays and accompanies a post.

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Gathering Graces

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Friday, September 12

How To Turn A Nook Color Tablet Into A Full Android Tablet Without Rooting 0 comments

If you were like me and purchased a (now discontinued) Barnes & Noble Nook Color when it came out years ago (November 2010, in fact!), then you pretty much have a brick sitting in your drawers right now.  Right?

How about you take that outdated tablet and turn it into a Full Android 4.3.1 Tablet with Google Play Store instead?  WITHOUT ROOTING?!

Yes?  Great!  The best way to do that is by installing CyanogenMod on to your Nook Color. (This is a great option if you wanted an Android Tablet without having to cough up $$$ for one - great to give to your kid too!  That's what I did!  I was so NOT buying them iPads or Galaxies anytime soon!)

You will do this by getting files into a microSD card, then using that card on the Nook Color.  This is like having another hard drive from which to boot from on your Nook.  So, instead of the B&N Reader powering up, the CyanogenMod Android OS will boot up.  (Which is pretty awesome for your basic Android needs!)

I went to the actual CyanogenMod guide for installation, but if you want to skip all the headache of reading complex stuff, follow my steps below to install the latest stable version for your Nook Color.

Disclaimer: As with any computer-related procedures, there is a risk that your device may malfunction or even break.  Following the steps below does not guarantee your device will work afterwards.  Follow the steps, but do so at your own risk.  The author of this post (and CyanogenMod) is not responsible for the outcome of your device.


  • microSD card (highly recommended: SanDisk Class 4, 2GB or larger. Of course, larger=faster,better performance.) Note: I'm using an 8GB Samsung Class 4 microSDHC on one tablet, and a 2GB generic microSD on another - they both work fine!
  • microSD adapter (you need this in order to open the card on your computer - they usually come with the card now, when you buy them)
  • Win32 Disk Imager - free from here.
Easy Steps
  1. Download this image zip file:
  2. Download this CM ROM zip file:
  3. Download this gapps zip file:
  4. Open the image file and unzip it (right click and choose "Extract All" in the folder you want)
  5. Insert the microSD (using the adpater, of course) into your computer
  6. Open Win32 Disk Imager and burn the unzipped image file onto the microSD.
    • choose the unzipped image file
    • choose device (the letter drive that your microSD is plugged into)
    • click on "WRITE"
    • a warning box will pop up asking if you want to proceed
    • check you are going to write to the correct device
    • click on YES
  7. Eject the microSD card safely
  8. Reinsert the microSD card into the computer
  9. Copy and Paste the CM ROM zip file onto the microSD
  10. Copy and Paste the gapps zip file onto the microSD
  11. Eject the microSD card safely
  12. Make sure your Nook Color is OFF, then insert the microSD in the back, bottom right corner
  13. Turn ON your Nook
    • you will see a Penguin with scrolling text underneath him - let it do its thing
    • then it will automatically turn off when it's done doing its thing
  14. Turn ON your Nook, again
  15. Follow instructions to pick language, time, optional CyanogenMod account creation, and Google Account Log In (if you don't have a Google account yet, there's an option to create one - you'll need it in order to access the Google Play Store!)
TA-DA! ALL SET!  Enjoy your newer, better Android (Nook) 4.3.1 Tablet!!!

Of course, the first thing you ought to do is go to the Play Store and update, update, update all those apps first!  Then, truly enjoy your tablet.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  This post contained an affiliate link.  Clicking, then buying that product will result in a small % commission for me - to help maintain this blog.  Thanks!

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