Thursday, January 22

Family :: I Want Skills 0 comments

I love my family. I'm not exaggerating or being cliche when I say that I would do anything for them.

In that same grain of thought, if I could instantly learn something (like, Matrix style learning), I would pick something that would be of benefit to my family.

Sure, I'd love to instantly learn how to sing with perfect pitch - or any pitch at all, actually.  And yes, mad piano skills so I could play all the songs would be super cool.  But I consider those talents to be more for entertainment.

I'm thinking practical here.  I'm a mother, after all.

So here are a few talents I would love to learn with just a click of a computer button...

1.  Superior Martial Arts Skills - because, let's face it, what mom wouldn't want to have full confidence that she could protect her children from bad guys?  I can imagine myself totally obliterating that arrogant kidnapper now... ahem.

Skip to 1:27 for the cool fighting part. I wanna be like her.

2.  No-holds-barred Martha Stewart + Pinterest Craft Skills - can you even imagine? A craft for every holiday that ever existed.  Halloween? Conquered!  Christmas?  Done and done!  Valentine's?  pfft.  Bam! Every kid and their mothers gets a handmade gift.  And every birthday would be perfectly decorated to the roof!  My kids would so love me.

3.  Out-of-thisworld Cooking Skills - like, GiaddaDeLaurentis+BobbyFlay+BarefootContessa+GuyFieri kind of cooking skills! - my family would love everything that I make.  They would drool as soon as they walked in the door.  People from all over would wish to come to my house for dinner. And my kids would never, ever say, "I'm hungry!" ever again - because there'd always be something good to eat!

I really could go on and list more skills I'd love to learn in an instant.  But then you'd get bored and leave.

So I'll stop at three.

What skill would you learn in an instant - if you could?

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Wednesday, January 21

Family :: Being A Dad 0 comments

With 4 kids, it's hard to find the perfect alone-time to spend with each child.

So, whenever I see my husband giving his sole attention to one of them, I must take a picture.

Because as my heart melts seeing it happen, I want my kids to, someday, know that their father took the time to be with them.

Even if it's just reading a book or two, before daddy had to go to work, he was there.  Being a dad.


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