Wednesday, October 29

Family :: Father Dear 6 comments

And when the world
starts falling apart
you'll be safe
in his heart

There is peace
so very near
in the arms
of Father Dear

~ Photos Taken June 2012 ~

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Gathering Graces

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Tuesday, October 28

Musings :: The Problem With Being Pregnant On Halloween 14 comments

So early this morning, I had my OBGYN appointment...

I'm exactly 36 weeks along today!

The doctor was all like, "Great! You CAN have the baby any time you want now!"
And I was all like, "Hahaha! Yeah, sure!" (NOT!)

Seriously.  Halloween is just around the corner and I do not want all that craziness at the same time I'm in labor.  I'd like my kids to enjoy it - and I want to be there with them!

But let me tell ya.  It's so hard to be pregnant during Halloween...


Naturally, I turned to Google for maternity costume ideas...

I could get the cute, but expensive ones:

So cute, but not sure if they'll fit.  Don't want to order, try, send back...

Or go the homemade, GORY option:

Well that's a NO.  Enough to give any pregnant woman nightmares for the rest of her pregnancy! (Sorry everyone!)

There's also the EASY option - the T-Shirt:

But not enough time to order or print these shirts.  Sigh.

What I REALLY WANT to dress up like is this pretty little Grecian number:

Adorable, right?  I NEED TO FIND THAT DRESS ASAP!!!  I was thinking that even a plus size of this kind of dress would totally work for me.  Don't you think so?

You have one lying around and can ship it to me before Friday? Let me know!

Otherwise, I'll just be lame and wear all black, stick a cat headband on my head, and paint whiskers on my face.  Ta-da! Pregnant Cat!

Yeah. Exciting.

Have you got YOUR costume yet?  Are you even dressing up?  (And I'm not even gonna ask if your kids' costumes are ready yet, either! Ha!)

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Monday, October 27

Musings :: Harry Potter Halloween 12 comments

This year, our kids will be donning Gryffindor uniforms for Halloween.

Specifically, they will be Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ginny Weasley.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find gray-colored uniforms?!  Well, do you?!  Everything's either navy blue or beige around here!

Anywho, you won't see my kids in full gear until after Halloween.  For now, I've got 3 vids to get us all walking down the Harry Potter memory lane...

First is some guy playing the Harry Potter theme.  He looks a little weird, but he's pretty darn good on the piano!

Then, re-watch all 8 trailers of the series!  Quite fun, actually.  Do it!

Finally, find out what the Harry Potter cast is doing now!  Sure, you might know a couple of them, but I bet there'll be some that will surprise you!

Have fun!

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